Music for women’s voices

February 28, 2017

Portland’s In Mulieribus vocal ensemble celebrates its tenth anniversary season with madrigals, new music — and men


At Portland State University, choirs are creating music ‘to die for’ 

Excerpt from new biography of the great American maverick composer recounts his early musical and artistic adventures in the city where he never grew up.lou-harrison_ss17_cover_final4

As the city’s annual celebration of jazz opens, Portland’s jazz scene remains vital despite popular club’s sudden closure

When Oregon met Arvo

February 8, 2017

With help from composer Arvo Pärt, Royce Saltzman wanted the 1994 Oregon Bach Festival to be his grand finale. It was nearly a disaster

Broken Planetarium’s ‘Atlantis’ and Orphic’s ‘Iphigenia 3.0’ show the promise of today’s young Portland theater companies