Reich on Rails

September 27, 2016

Portland concert celebrates revered composer Steve Reich on his 80th birthday

Byzantium & Beyond

September 19, 2016

For 25 years, Cappella Romana has given ancient music modern relevance

 Pianist Hunter Noack’s new project brings classical music to Oregon’s outdoors

Topical, urgent plays should be developed (and produced) quickly.

A pair of theater and music combinations aim high but don’t always run deep

Portland composer/actor’s new theatrical production sends audiences on a journey through inner and outer space

‘Attachments & Detachments,’ ‘Boldly Launched Upon the Deep,’ and ‘Oregon Stories’ weave stories and sounds

Next-generation Malian musicians embrace a world of influences

Ensembles win broader audiences by embracing wider range of music

Imago Theater’s production of Mishima’s play is a tight, nuanced production involving ancient roots and modern sensibility