Topical, urgent plays should be developed (and produced) quickly.

A pair of theater and music combinations aim high but don’t always run deep

Portland composer/actor’s new theatrical production sends audiences on a journey through inner and outer space

‘Attachments & Detachments,’ ‘Boldly Launched Upon the Deep,’ and ‘Oregon Stories’ weave stories and sounds

Next-generation Malian musicians embrace a world of influences

Ensembles win broader audiences by embracing wider range of music

Imago Theater’s production of Mishima’s play is a tight, nuanced production involving ancient roots and modern sensibility 


Bag&Baggage Productions’ staging of Orson Welles’s ‘Moby-Dick, Rehearsed’ is a qualified triumph of imagination over obsession

Flutist and contemporary classical music entrepreneur develops and nurtures new models for new music

Portland composer and new music ensemble create a powerful recording, and a lasting relationship


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